How to Create Strong and Complex Passwords

How to create strong and complex passwords

The main reason why we should be concerned about always creating strong and complex passwords is the possibility that someone might try to guess the passwords.

We currently have accounts for almost everything, and we need to create passwords for almost all accounts.

Password for the Gmail account that we use to access Google services on Android devices, Apple ID, passwords for professional applications used for work, passwords for our personal application accounts, internet banking passwords, social account passwords, etc.

Things would be simple, if people were free from bad intentions. Unfortunately, this is not the case.
We never know who has an interest in accessing our accounts. The danger may be lurking and someone may have a malicious interest in hacking us.

This malicious action can come from people close to us, such as friends, family and coworkers, and from people with whom we have no direct contact, such as hackers and web criminals.


One of the methods that criminals use to try to guess passwords is to implement social engineering tactics and make brute force attacks.

When carrying out a brute force attack, the focus of the attacker’s action is to try to guess the user names and passwords of system administrators or other users through successive login attempts.

In the case of social engineering, the objective is to guess the user’s password through information obtained using various specific techniques, such as psychological tricks, human and social logic, and other means.

For this reason, in order to hinder the attacker’s chances of success, it is important and fundamental that we use strong passwords that are difficult to guess.


Tips for Creating Strong Passwords

If you follow the tips that I give in this article, you will be able to create a strong and difficult to be hacked or guessed password.

1 – Avoid using simple passwords as much as possible; names of your family members, name of your city, school, football club, dates of birth or even your nickname.

2 – Create a complex password by mixing upper and lower case letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation. Use the substitution tactic, and try to replace letters with numbers or symbols and vice versa.

When creating your passwords, make sure they:

  • Have at least 8 to 9 characters, the longer the password, the better
  • Have at least one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  • Have at least one number
  • At least have a special character and a punctuation
  • Have some letters replaced by numbers or symbols


Try these tips to create passwords that are easy for you to remember.

Remember that you will have difficulty remembering passwords if you create very complex passwords.
Therefore, you may want to be a little cautious when creating passwords when applying these security tips.


How to create strong and easy to remember passwords?

When creating a password, think of a familiar word and try to replace some characters of that word or phrase with numbers, or symbols

Think of a word and make the substitutions.

Ex: As a result this password is generated: [email protected]

What was the criterion or idea for creating this password?

Let’s assume that you are 45 years old and like any good worker you always wish for yourself and others, a good working week.

From there, we extracted the phrase Good Week and the number 45

The phrase good week is an easy phrase to remember. So we will use it to create the password

We take these two words, put them together, and we will have the word: goodweek45

By changing the letters, numbers and symbols of the word goodweek45 we can create several variations.
Such as:


1st VARIATION: [email protected]
2nd VARIATION: 80od_WeeK_45

These 3 variations are just an example of variations that can be created. Depending on creativity and disposition. It is possible to create dozens of variations with this word.


Memorizing passwords is safer than writing them down

You must make an effort to remember the changes of upper and lower case letters, punctuation and symbols. Do not worry if at first it seems difficult to decorate.

To help you memorize, try repeatedly entering your password several times each day until you can memorize it.

It’s good when we can memorize our passwords. This is because, when we are able them in mind, we do not need to write them down somewhere.

From the moment we write down any password somewhere, whether on a notepad or on a cell phone, we run serious risks that someone may have access to it.
So, the best place to store our passwords is only in our mind.

How is it with people who have many accounts on different sites?
What can you do to memorize so many passwords?

It is really difficult to memorize many long and complex passwords. In addition to being difficult, I think it is unnecessary to do so.

To help with this task, we have applications for saving passwords. Some don’t only store passwords, but also have options for generating strong and complex passwords

Applications to generate and save passwords

With so many accesses and accounts that we currently have (email accounts, website accounts, applications, computers, mobile phones and tablets), we now have a huge number of passwords to memorize.

Except those people who prefer to use the same password for multiple accounts and accesses. This practice is not advisable if you want to maintain the security of your accounts.

However, the good news is that we can count on the help of applications that can store passwords. So, we no longer need to memorize all of our passwords, and we can create completely different passwords for each site or app.

We can find several of these apps on internet, some for Android, IOS, Windows, Mac, Linux and add-ons for browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera and so on.


Below is a list of some of these applications and also websites to help you generate and save your passwords.

List of sites and applications to generate and store strong passwords.


Creating Strong Passwords in WordPress

If you are a blogger or webmaster, or have a WordPress Self Hosted website, when you have to create passwords for users, you can do so using the inbuilt WordPress password generator.

The automatic generator will help to create a strong password by combining letters, symbols, characters and numbers.
If you did not want to use the option to generate strong WordPress passwords, you can create your password in your head or use one of the websites or applications I mentioned above.

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